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Helping couples and individuals overcome their relationship challenges

"Through Couples Counselling and eventually private therapy, Penny was able to patiently and gently show me alternative ways to view my problems and how I could figure out the best solutions based on my values and beliefs."

“ Penny is a great listener, non-judgmental, never making myself or my same sex partner feel uncomfortable, and that we were safe to share the deepest, darkest stories from our past."


happy client smiling

"I have admired her peaceful and firm persistence in dealing with different scenarios including the heated discussions we had during the counselling sessions and her skills in the way she has pushed us in the right direction. I have no doubt in recommending Penny to others who would need help with their relationships."

"I was in a very devastating situation going through my marriage journey when I found Penny. I had a great feeling that Penny would be the right person to help me and my 6th sense was correct. Penny was amazing in the way she has listened to me and let me lead the conversations at the starting sessions until I released all of my negative emotions."

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